Business Law Students are Learning How to Handle the Courtroom

Written By Debra Murray

Jason White is teaching his business law students to how to handle a court room. Each year, students take on the court room in an effort to help them understand the United States’ court system.

“[Mock courts] gives them a great opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in an active setting. Kids learn in different ways so this gives them multiple styles to gain knowledge,” said White.

Other than learning how the courts work and becoming more engaged, students learn very important life skills that will benefit them later in life.

“Not only do mock trials help with interest and engagement, but it also gives students an opportunity to learn non-academic skills: collaboration, public speaking, and team building,” said White.

Students get assigned roles based on their personality, which gets them excited and allows students to play a part that is related to them as a person.

“We first choose which trial to perform, (there is a website that has tons of choices for teachers) then fill out a survey that tells them the choices they can pick,” Said White.

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