An Opinion on Fall

Written By Travis Crabtree

Fall takes place between September 22nd and December 21st. Fall is the season immediately following summer and bringing in colder weather. During fall, the amount of daylight becomes shorter. Daylight savings time will occur on November 4th this year. The leaves also begin to fall off trees, hence the term “fall.” What else shows that fall is coming?

One of the most noticeable signs that fall is coming is seeing Halloween items in stores. This includes fall décor such as leaves and pumpkins. The most recognizable fall food is anything flavored with pumpkin spice. Also, things tend to be pumpkin spice scented during this time. Is fall really a good season?

Fall is many peoples’ favorite season due to the colder weather and beautiful foliage. People also like that fall is the season with the least amount of rain fall in the year, but cold and flu season also begins in the fall making it hard to like this season. Does fall live up to the hype?

I personally do not like fall, I prefer winter. As you can see in a previous opinion I do not like pumpkin spice. The worst part about fall is getting the flu or being around people with the flu. I just think that fall is an unnecessary season, that it is more of a transition from one season to the next anyway.

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