Healthcare Students Learn About the History of Medicine

Written By Julia Kirchner

Over the years, advances in medical technology have made healthcare what it is today. Its progress is now being discussed by Healthcare Delivery classes at PRP.

Belinda Johnson’s classes have been working on a project recently about these advances. Each group was assigned a time period. They had to do research on their time period and create a poster about the changes that were made during that time.

“I like learning about how medical technology has developed over the years,” Junior Kalen Barnett said. “It’s really helping the world because it’s improving the quality of our healthcare.”

Not only are students learning about the history of healthcare from this project, but they are also learning important skills for their lives. This hands-on approach is giving them time management skills as well as experience working with other people.

“It’s important to be able to collaborate with other people with anything you work on,” Johnson said.

Many students in the Health Science Academy are looking to pursue a career in the medical field. This project is preparing them for whatever their next step may be.

Johnson said, “I believe that anyone is capable of doing anything if they just put their mind to it.”

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