Welding in the Year

Written By Drake Landers

One of the trades PRP offers in its Manufacturing, Engineering, and Design Academy is welding. This year’s new group of welders are heading down to the shop and learning many new skills. Some skills that freshman are doing include using cutting torches and welding torches. Being in the welding pathway allows students to join trade schools directly out of high school. Lincoln Tech and Knight School of Welding emit such students. Sophomore Jadon Hardison says, “Welding is the best class of the day.”

More about this program is that this year’s welders are finishing up what last year’s group started, as the shop was built for students by students. Welding students need to be covered head to toe. No loose clothing can be worn. Clothing such as boots, denim jeans, welding jacket, and a welding helmet are suggested. Also, welders will have to pass a safety test in order to weld in class.

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