Powderpuff: The Tradition Continues

Written By Savannah Sosna

As students and staff are welcomed back to PRP for yet another school year, powderpuff is upon the Panthers once again! Seniors and juniors wait eagerly to hit the fields once more, with flags and all.

In previous years, players have decorated sweatpants worn in the game, often displaying a nickname or a short saying. The tradition continues. Junior Shanelle Morrison showcases her own nickname, “Burrito.” Senior Shayla Muss sports: “We Muss represent.”

Shayla, reflecting on her last year playing powderpuff, said: “Powderpuff will be one of the highlights of my memories at PRP. The practice lets you hang out with friends outside of school, and create new ones as well.”

Sweatpants are not the only tradition that the game brings. “My favorite part of powderpuff is when the boys become cheerleaders,” said Ceramic teacher Tammy Podbelsek. Boys wear wigs, makeup, and tutus to cheer on their class team.

Many boys are thinking about dressing up this year. Senior Colin Alexander, when asked what inspired his plans on becoming the game’s official cheerleader replied: “So many guys dressed up last year and it was hilarious. I don’t exactly have my whole outfit planned, but I am definitely going to wear a crop top.”

With powderpuff, the fun does not just begin at the game. Who will win the highly anticipated match? It is anyone’s guess. Come out to support both teams on the football field on Friday, September 14th. The game starts at 6:00 p.m. Good luck to both juniors and seniors playing!

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