An Opinion on Block Schedules

Written By Travis Crabtree

This year, PRP began to operate on a block schedule, meaning students go to certain classes on certain days. There are only two block days a week, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Why has PRP moved to this form of schedule?

On Tuesdays, PRP students will only go to their first, third, fifth, and seventh period. On Wednesdays, students will go to their second, zero, fourth, and sixth period. The zero period is a new class to replace intervention, it occurs once a week and is over a half hour shorter than the rest of classes on Wednesdays. This schedule has been brought in to increase class times at PRP, but does it really increase them?

On an average day, classes are fifty minutes long. On block days, classes are around a hour and a half long, meaning that we actually lose class time by using this block schedule because two regular class periods are more than one block class period. The only exception to the lost time is Wednesdays when classes are over 100 minutes long meaning we gain time. Is a block schedule necessary?

In my opinion the block schedule would better if Tuesdays had the same class times as Wednesdays so that we could truly increase productivity. It seems odd right now seeing as we’ve only been using this schedule for a few weeks, but I believe that we will quickly get used to it.

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