Students’ Clinicals

Written By Adrianna LoChirco

This year at PRP students have been expanding their learning. On the second floor of the Tech Building, there is a new medical lab. This lab is a part of the Health Science Academy, where students will work with dummies in order to perform medical procedures. Clinicals involve observation of the patient, and practice approaches that can save a person’s life.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in wearing scrubs on lab days. They will learn how to perform CPR, take blood, how to detect blood pressure, and how to effectively go about certain situations. It is a way for the students to work hands on, and get a real life experience. At the end of their training they will get their certifications, and could be given a lot of opportunities for their future careers.

“I believe if any student wants to attend the health career field, they definitely need to join these classes to get a preview of how things really are,” said teacher in the Health Science Academy Erin Ferguson.

The health field is not easy. People in this profession have a lot of pressure on them because they deal with many different patients. It can be very scary to have a patient rely on you for their life. That is why it is important for students to really pay attention and focus on directions so nothing will go wrong. Dealing with blood, guts, and many other things is not pretty.

“I hope that my students will take advantage of this amazing opportunity and follow through with it,” said Ferguson.

In the medical field, there are many jobs that pay well. With these certifications students will accomplish, they could get an intern job at Norton Healthcare. This hands-on work will save students time and money. Many people do not get this experience until college. Students will get the opportunity to know what it is like to be a nurse, doctor, and technician. This allows them to know early on if the medical field is really the career they want to pursue in.

PRP’s goal is to provide students with  hands-on learning experience, faced with real-world situations. This year, we have teamed up with Academies of Louisville in order to give each student a pathway to take. So far, the Health Science Academy has been very successful. Kids are taking it very seriously, and are participating. This is a great experience that students should take very seriously!

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