Math Students Use New Skills in Realistic Situations

Written By Julia Kirchner

PRP is getting back in the groove this year by starting some engaging projects. Matt Thrasher’s math classes are using precalculus and college algebra skills to find answers to realistic situations.

For the next couple of weeks, Thrasher’s juniors and seniors will be working together to complete their projects. College Algebra students will compare the prices of filling a gas tank with different cars and payment methods. Each group will research a credit card and their car’s tank size, and they will calculate the cost of filling their car with gas for a year. Many students can relate the project to their daily lives, which makes the project more interesting.

“We can talk about real-world problems. A lot of us are starting to drive, so we need to be mindful of gasoline prices,” said Junior Austin Rivers.

Precalculus classes are comparing the amounts of water used by dual-flush toilets and regular toilets. They will calculate how many flushes it would take for both types to use the same amount of water. This project focuses on the environment and teaches students that there are simple ways to conserve natural resources.

Junior Dylan Scott has a dual-flush toilet in his own bathroom. “It’s made me more aware of the choices I make at home on a daily basis,” Scott said.

All of Thrasher’s classes are currently working together in groups. Group projects sometimes get a bad reputation because students may have difficulties with communication. However, Thrasher’s students are using the group setting to their advantage by sharing ideas and solving problems together.

“You can bounce ideas off of each other,” Junior Elizabeth Oyler said. “It makes the learning experience more fun for us.”


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