Do You Think You Have What it Takes to Escape?

Written By Christian Ploetner

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular, but what are they exactly? An Escape room is a game that comes in a variety of ways. It comes in the form of a board game, video game, and a real room. They all revolve around the same concept: you are trapped in a room and you must connect clues, solve puzzles, use logic, be intuitive, and search for hidden objects to get out.

“There were letters and numbers all over the room for puzzles. There were tons of trunks with different locks on them,” said Senior Hannah Harper.

Escape Rooms have crazy scenarios that your group must choose from. The main seven at Breakout Games Louisville are Runaway Train, Do Not Disturb, Mystery Mansion, The Kidnapping, Museum Heist, Operation: Casino and Island Escape. While the hour counts down the pressure rises. The game challenges you to see if you pay attention to small detail. It is best to go with a group of friends to see if you all can escape.

“It depends on if I’m doing it alone, probably not, but if I’m with a group of friends and were working well together then we could accomplish it,” said Senior Abby Laughlin.

Breakout Games Louisville is located at 1805 Cargo Ct, Jeffersontown, KY 40299. You must book an appointment and will need to fill out a waiver. Anyone under 14 must have a parent fill out a waiver. Arrive 15 minutes before your session. You can book the session online. Breakout Games Louisville has a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 7 to 8, depending on the scenario you choose.


2 $29.99 EACH

3 $27.99 EACH

4 $25.99 EACH

5 $23.99 EACH

6 $21.99 EACH

7 $19.99 EACH

8 $19.99 EACH

Link to wavier: Phone: (502) 822-4596


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