KUNA Welcomes New Members

Written By  Julia Kirchner

The Kentucky United Nations Assembly is now meeting in room 316 every Thursday until 3:30.

KUNA will be accepting new members until the first of February. The conference takes place March 22-24, so all participants will miss a day of school for the trip.

Students in KUNA have an assigned country that they work as a group to come up with resolutions for. Students from other delegations at KUNA will vote to either pass or defeat the resolutions. This year, PRP’s countries are Australia and Madagascar.

“In KUNA we get a chance to learn about the problems in other countries,” Sophomore Ashley Nine said. “Not only is it a learning experience, but you can connect and make new friends.”

Each group will have a specific costume they wear on the first day of the conference, as well as a symbol to represent their country’s culture. They will also have a performance for the international stage.

“There’s still time for new members to register,” Sophomore Anna Miniard said. “Anyone who’s interested in joining should talk to Mrs. Findley or Ms. Thomas as soon as possible.”

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