Quick Recall Team Still Looking for Members

Written by Julia Kirchner

The Pleasure Ridge Park Quick Recall team is still encouraging freshman and sophomore students to give Quick Recall a try.

“We’re a team of students who all use our random knowledge to answer quick questions,” junior Gabe Tilly said.

Matches consist of quickly answering questions in two 12-minute halves. Kristen Shipman, coach and PRP English teacher relates the format of these matches to Jeopardy. The team practices every Monday using questions from old matches.

The Quick Recall team has been facing more challenges this year than they have in the past. Last years team went undefeated, but this year two of three matches have been a success.

“It’s a little more challenging this year but it’s still fun to do,” Tilly said. “It challenges you to learn more information than you’re generally exposed to.”

The team’s goal this year is to continue having a successful season and to do well in their tournaments. More participation from ninth and tenth graders is still being encouraged.

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