South Park The Fractured but Whole Review

Written by TJ Helms

South Park the Fractured But whole, A great game and worthy sequel to 2014s The Stick of Truth. The game is filled to the brim with the immature and sometimes smart humor we expect from South Park. The combat is very fun and satisfying. Now on a grid system rather than the standard turn based combat of The Stick of Truth. Like the game that came before feels exactly like playing a giant episode of south park not just graphically but also in how the story of the two dueling super hero franchises are told.

South Park the fractured but whole is exactly what you would expect from South Park: Overly offensive humor, fart jokes, and satire remarks. If you like South Park you will find the game funny. Unlike the first game this one was not censored in Europe or Australia. Which is surprising considering the game features an attempted child molestation from some catholic priests, a battle between the south park kids and Jared Fogle, and a monster that only eats black people. All of these things I have personally seen in the game during my playthrough and I’m only about half way through.

The combat is very different to the stick of truth however it is still fantastic. Both games have excellent turn based combat. However, in the Fractured but Whole the combat is on a grid and all of your attacks have a range. This gives the game a slight strategy game feel as you move your characters around a board. The combat feels more complex but because of how intuitive it is you learn it quickly and it feels like second nature. Despite the change the combat feels similar and smooth.

My only gameplay criticism is that with the removal of weapons in favor of powers the currency feels a lot less important as I am no longer buying weapons, but artifacts that increase your stats, This is a minor problem but I feel a mental disconnect from the artifacts that make them feel a lot less important than how the weapons were in the stick of truth. This is less of a criticism of the combat and more of how a change in the combat hurts a different part of the game.

Playing the game feels exactly like watching an episode of South Park. The humor is constant and just like the show. Graphically the game is exactly like the show as the show is fairly cheap animation. Walking through the town feels great, because of how long the show has been running every location has nostalgia and feels like a real place. This feeling doesn’t just apply to the atmosphere it also applies to the plot.

The plot of two factions of children competing to get the best super hero franchise spiraling in to taking down a giant crime syndicate and having your parents’ marriage slowly fall apart in the background is exactly the type of insanity you would expect from a season arc of the show. When you play this game it gives you the quintessential South park experience.

I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys South Park or South Park style humor. The humor is excellent and the gameplay is smooth but if you are a person who doesn’t find the show the game is based on funny you probably won’t get much out of the game. Overall I’d give it a solid 9/10. Highly recommend especially to any big fans of the show.

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