How to organize your time this Holiday Season

Written By Madison Campbell


During the beginning of the Holidays in October everything seems to get crammed together and sometimes it can be stressful. Personally I am an AP student, I work almost every day of the week, and I also have friends and family that need their time with me. Lately I have been dragging behind in school and in my relationships, not only are my grades making me feel disappointed in myself but the people around me aren’t making me feel to great either. Therefore something must change! I believe the problem is not knowing how to organize my time properly. If this sounds like an issue you or someone you know might be having, then I suggest you keep reading….

STEP ONE: print out a cute calendar!

For me it is fun finding cute calendars online for free when they’re so pricey at stores. As for the guys reading this you can go to your nearest Walmart and get one for about 5.00, once you get your calendar start writing down all important dates such as the ACT, your work schedule, doctors’ appointments, birthdays, etc. Since I started doing this I have saved money two weeks prior to my sister’s birthday to get her a decent gift and be able to pay my car insurance without being broke afterwards.

STEP TWO: Use all free time at school to work on your school work.

Since I have to work every day after school and get home so late I have absolutely no time to do homework. However just because I don’t do my homework at home doesn’t mean I don’t do it, I use all the time I have at school including lunch (sometimes) to get everything done.

STEP THREE: Plan a day to take a day off of work to spend time with the people you love!

Take a break from all of the things you HAVE to do and do something just simply for your own enjoyment. I requested one day off of work this week so I can spend time with my boyfriend and give him the attention he has been lacking from me. This day off is crucial to my process and it is only going to work if you make sure you are getting out of the house! Whether it’s going for a walk downtown or in the Highlands or even in Walmart you must get away from your daily routine. I also plan to show my family some love this Sunday.

And lastly just BREATHE, the Holiday season can be extremely stressful but you will get through it! Luckily it’s only a few months and it will soon be over. I hope that these steps help some of your stress to calm down. If you have any other tips on organizing your time let us know!

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