Finding a Student’s Potential at PRP

Written By Debra Murray

Each year potential students can come see what PRP has to offer them, all of the clubs and activities are on display for people to find what interests them if they decide to attend school here. The open house is much like Showcase of Schools that is held downtown, but it’s all for students interested in PRP.

“I think it’s important to see our magnets and our really cool programs,” said Mr. Stinson, freshmen assistant principal.

8th graders are going to be able to see the academies new to the school this year. They will be able to learn what kinds of electives are here for them to take once they begin at PRP.

“Seeing themselves four years from now, the family atmosphere and seeing the good students,” said Stinson when asked about what future students should learn.

Seeing what a school has to offer can really help peak the potential students’ interest in the school.

“I think they should get to see the organizations, extra-curriculars, see the student life,” said Mrs. Finley, freshman math teacher.

For future students it’s important to know what life is like once they are here, how they will fit in, and joining whatever interests them. After school activities such as KYA (Kentucky Youth Assembly) and KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly) will have booths for potential students to learn about them.

“My advice is try to find where you’ll fit in. They don’t realize they have a choice on what it’ll be like next year if they come here,” said Finley.

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