An Opinion on Pumpkin Spice

Written By Travis Crabtree

As we finish October, we also finish the reign of pumpkin spice flavoring. This year we had many new pumpkin spice products.

Every year companies produce new pumpkin spice items, a few new ones this year were: Cheerios, yogurt, and protein bars. We need to stop this immediately

After some research I found that only one in three people enjoy the smell of pumpkin spice, while only one in six people enjoy the flavor. This poses a question of mine, why are large companies, such as Nabisco, spending a fortune on this flavor that most people don’t like anyway? Is it because Starbucks “Pumpkin Spice Latte” sells so well? Is it because they want to compete with other companies who have pumpkin spice items on the shelf? We may never know.

I think some companies should just drop the whole pumpkin spice flavor all together and create a new favorite Halloween flavor; it could be zombie brains, or maybe vampire blood. All I know is we need to get this flavor off the shelves as fast as possible.

Also, why is pumpkin spice only sold in October? It seems ridiculous seeing as pumpkins grow year-round, and the flavor isn’t even made with real pumpkins, instead it is a mix of nutmeg and cinnamon which we seem to think are “the flavors of fall,” but are they really?

I believe getting rid of pumpkin spice would be a change for the better, I mean only one in six people like it anyway, right?


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