We Need More Academies at PRP

Written By Travis Crabtree

This year PRP has received a new program from the Academies of Louisville, this is the program that many of you know has brought our three new career pathways. The pathways are: Business and Communications, Health Science, and Manufacturing, Engineering, and Design… more?

Last year you may have been put into one of the three pathways listed above, even if you don’t want a job in that career field. We have no pathways for criminal justice, teaching, or even farming if you like that. It makes me feel like I’m being forced into a career in medicine even though I want a career in the criminal justice field.

I do see the positive effect these academies have on some students, but I also see the negative effects it has on other students. I believe that next year PRP should either not force us into academies, or create new pathways. I know this is not up to PRP but if we talk with the Academies of Louisville, we can come up with a way to get classes for careers students want to go into.

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