Seven JCPS Teachers Fired for Abusing Preschoolers

Written By Julia Kirchner

Recently a report had been made accusing seven teachers of abusing JCPS Head Start program students.

“Abuse, neglect, or mistreatment of children in any manner in JCPS will not be tolerated,” said JCPS superintendent Marty Pollio.

Reports say that one child was flipped off of a cot during nap time, another was force-fed at the age of three, and another was shut away in a closet alone. There were 23 incidents written up, including physical abuse of the children as well as neglect and humiliation.

“We are taking a very strong stance against any of those actions that adults have taken against students,” said Dr. Pollio.

A plan of corrective action is in progress now. It consists of updated report protocols, disciplinary actions, and staff training. This will all be completed by the 27th of October.

PRP sophomore Skylar Hutchison’s niece is enrolled in the JCPS head start program. “This whole situation is sad to me and it’s scary,” said Hutchison. “I’m glad they’re working on resolving it. It makes me feel like it won’t happen anymore.”

The reports were found at the following schools: Zachary Taylor Elementary, George Unseld School, Tully Elementary, Carrithers Middle School, Duvalle Education Center, McFerran Early Childhood Education Center, Laukhuf Elementary School, Wheatley Elementary, Edwards Education Center, Alex R. Kennedy Elementary, Kerrick Elementary and Atkinson Elementary.

See a copy of the report here: Report-Jefferson-County-Head-Start-Programs-by-the-Administration-For-Children-and-Families


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