Ridge Regiment

Written By Alexus Smith

This year’s PRP Marching Band, Ridge Regiment, is performing their show, #PushtoTalk. The show is all about the advances in technology and communication. It starts with pulling your attention with a big full opening sound. Starting with the switchboard and how telephones originally were ran.

“I like how we can grab the crowd’s attention. We all have been working extremely hard to execute this show well, “said Senior Janie Burch.

The second part of the show is based off of Space Oddity by David Bowie. It is focused on the first satellite going into space. They then go onto their last movement and it’s all about the internet, texting and social media in today’s society.

“It’s so exciting to basically tell the story of the advancements of communication,” said Junior Drum Major Morgan Waits.

This year’s season began in July and will end with their Midstates Championships competition on November 4 in Kings, Ohio.

“This season has been all about improvement and becoming the band to look out for,” said Junior Hannah Joyce.

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