Behind the Scenes

Written By Christian Ploetner

In a month,Charlie Brown the Musical will be performed by Pleasure Ridge Park students. The things that make this play different from the rest is the play is with no plot. They are going right off the comic strips. Everything revolves around the Charlie Brown comic that came out every Sunday.

“The play has no plot. There is no scene of where conflicts come. There’s no scene of story line; it’s literally just small little skits. So, the kids don’t know what coming up next can’t remember where it’s going,” Nick Fuqua said.

Students work on the set during 7th and after school. Jamie Burch does set design and painting as well as sound. The color they paint the props are bright and kid like. They are hand making most of the props. The students are making things such as school buses, books, and more.

“We haven’t quite started on sound yet but were coming along with the set and the stuff is looking good and vibrant,” Jamie Burch said.

The set design is just half of it. The other half are the actors. Shane Box and Dylan Loucks play Charlie Brown. The actors have to conquer a new challenge on top of learning their lines and choreography. Nick Fuqua is in charge of set design, lights, and dance. He is teaching the cast moves and tap dancing.

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