PRP Boys Soccer Kicks It to Post Season

Written By Brianna Logsdon

PRP Boys Soccer season is coming to a close as they take on the district championship game tomorrow. The Panthers hold a current record of (14-2-2) [wins-losses-ties], while their opponent, Fairdale Bulldogs, hold a record of (5-8-2).

“The start of the season I just wanted to be competitive in the region, but the team surprised me by how good they wanted be. We went to the Bluegrass Games this summer and beat a few teams that were in the state tournament last year, and that’s when I started to realize we might have something special this year,” head coach Phill Bohannon said.

The team has four captains who stand tall in leading their fellow team mates. The captains will play a big role in winning the district game.

“Even though I don’t play all the time, I’m going to tell my team to keep moving forward, thinking positive, and don’t look back.” Captain Trever Logsdon said.

The boys have high intentions of winning regionals for the first time in history. Their moto this year is, “It’s Our Time.”

“We have watched everyone else succeed for years, and I feel like things are setting up the right way for it to be our turn,” Bohannon said.


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