PRP Football Takes on Butler

Written By Brianna Logsdon


The PRP Football team goes into the Butler game this Thursday without their starting quarterback, B.J. Robinson. PRP has a current record of 4-2, while Butler has a current record of 5-2. This game is considered to be big by fans and players, as Butler is in the same district as PRP.

“It is absolutely a big game. Most importantly, it is a district opponent. We also know that the game means a lot to our school, as well as in the community. Losing to this opponent is not an option,” said Head Football Coach, Tommy Williams.

The team has been working hard this week to mentally and physically prepare themselves. They are down a quarterback and will have to alter their game in order to take care of business.

“With me being out, our defense has to adjust to Nick Elder being quarterback, but I think we will be fine! I don’t think [they are] a challenge, but we can’t take them lightly,” said first string quarterback, B.J. Robinson.

Coaches hold high expectations for each and every one of their players. They have high intentions of succeeding as team and reaching their goals.

“We demand that each player gives us maximum effort. When players meet that demand, we are successful on and off the field,” said Williams.





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