American Horror Story “The Cult”

Written By Morgan Dawson

On October 5th, 2011 American Horror Story released their first episode called “Pilot” in Murder House. The season came on every Tuesday for all of its 11 episodes. To this day, AHS is still continuing to make seasons.

This season it is called the Cult. It is about a lady named Allyson “Ally” Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson), and she’s married to Ivy Mayfair-Richards (Alison Pill). They have a son named Oz (Major Dodson). Ally has over several phobias and ever since Donald Trump got elected president, her phobias have gotten worse. She started seeing clowns everywhere she went, but how can she tell what’s real and what’s not?

Another big actor in AHS is Kai Anderson (Evan Peters). He is one of the bad guys in this season and convinces people to do bad things to other people, and his sister, Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd), is babysitting Ally’s and Ivy’s kid, Oz. At the beginning, Oz was reading a comic about Clowns and now he’s having nightmares and seeing clowns like his mother, Ally. On the latest episode, “11/9” it was showing flashbacks of everything before the election, (episode 1), happened. You can watch this show on FX or FXM. The other seasons are available on Netflix or Hulu.

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