Science Fiction: Album Review

Sydney Young

8 years after their last album, “Daisy”, Brand New has reached new heights with their latest album, “Science Fiction.” The band’s final album, it’s a hearty blend of eclectic style and the soft, melancholy voice of Jesse Lacey as he sings about his fears, regrets, and issues. As per usual, the album is a downer, and yet this one has an undercurrent of hope, the last chapter in the amazing book that is Brand New’s career.

Between songs like “Lit Me Up,” and “137,” the album uses Lacey’s voice well, a dirge for the human race. A personal favorite is the song “137,” speaking about the horrors of nuclear war. Lacey shines in this song, his voice cutting through the unpolished yet impressive instrumentals. Of course, Lacey isn’t the only contributor. Vincent Accardi, Brian Lane, and Garret Tierney all contribute with their instrumentals, which harkens back to some of their earlier album with the rough, unpolished sound.

Currently at an 89 on Metacritic (which is universal acclaim), the album is a welcome gift for old fans, and a great jumping off point for new fans. “Science Fiction” is a fantastic last hurrah from a critically acclaimed band such as Brand New. While the album is only digital right now, a physical release is on it’s way in October. So while you wait, check out the album on services like Spotify.


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