Total Solar Eclipse

Total Eclipse

 By Brianna Logsdon and Reilly Geraghty

Kentucky is experiencing a once in a lifetime viewing of a total solar eclipse. This eclipse is different than others because the moon completely covers the sun, giving it the “diamond ring effect.” None of the sun is visible during the full coverage.

The eclipse is going to stretch from Oregon to South Carolina on Monday, August 21, 2017. However, Hopkinsville, Kentucky will experience the darkest effect from the eclipse, which will occur approximately at 2:27pm. Louisville, Kentucky will see the moon cover 96% of the sun. At PRP, during students’ 7th period class, they will have the opportunity to go outside with their “solar shades” to watch the total solar eclipse.

“If you were to take off your solar shades while watching the eclipse at its darkest point, there would be little to or no sun visible,” said April Raines, planner of the total solar eclipse activities for PRP.

Due to the harmful rays of the sun during this eclipse, JCPS is requiring all middle and high schools in the district to stay in classes an extra 20 minutes. Harmful rays cause blindness if one looks at the sun too long without the proper eye wear.

“NASA recommends that people who plan to view the eclipse should check the safety […] of [the] viewing glasses,” said

All core classes on Monday will have a lesson plan that connects to the total solar eclipse. Some examples that Raines gave are that social studies classes will read an article about a Native American chief who predicted the 1806 total solar eclipse, math classes will have an activity that will involve determining the geometry of the eclipse, and science classes will talk about what it actually is and the science behind it.

Students staying home to watch the total solar eclipse Monday, will still need to take safety precautions. One idea is to make homemade eclipse glasses if ones are not already available. Easy steps to do this can be found here: .


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