Holiday Help: Students donate items for families in need

written by Jordan Ackerman

Every Winter, the Student Council holds a canned food drive to help families in need.

PRP usually collects around 2000 canned goods according to Student Council Sponsor Dee Amber Martin. The families are identified through the faculty and staff. Some families call in to the school if they need help.

“I feel happy when I am helping local PRP families. I also am grateful for what I have,” Martin said.

There is another part of the program called Christmas Adoption. Teachers, teams and clubs adopt local families in need and buy various gifts for the children. The families complete a form with sizes and preferences for each child, including a wish list of toys and games.

“Sometimes a child may not look like they need Christmas because they have on a pair of Jordan’s or a Nike jacket, but they may need the help,” said Karen Coomes, who coordinated the Christmas Adoption program this year.

Families came to collect their items today. If there are ever leftover canned goods or clothing items, they go to Greenwood Elementary.



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