Students and staff adjust to changes in schedule for 2016-2017 school year

written by Reilly Geraghty

Each school year brings changes, and this year it

photo by Amber Hayes

is the bell schedule. Instead of starting at the standard JCPS time of 7:40a.m, school begins at 7:38a.m. Additionally, students now have five minutes between classes instead of six.

Principal Kim Salyer and other administrators decided on these changes in order to allow a few extra minutes to be added to class time and to keep students out of the hallways.

“You cannot get through the hallways without bumping into people because of everyone rushing to get to class on time,” Sophomore Abigayle Pennington said. “I feel like a lot more people will go to tardy hall.”

Every day students have to go from the third floor of the main building and across campus to the second floor of the tech building in five minutes. This has caused some students to be late to class and sent to tardy hall. However, the impact has not been that great.

“The new bell schedule has been very good for students. Fewer students are going to tardy hall, which gives them even more time in class,” Assistant Principal Bill Miller said.

Teachers also are adjusting to the schedule change. They have to plan their lessons based on the bell schedule.

“[The bell schedule] is hard to get used to in the first six weeks. Then, six weeks in, I don’t really think about it,” Theater Teacher Brent Braun said. “I do like the shorter periods. It makes the day go by faster.”

Most students and teachers do not have a problem with starting school two minutes early. Braun added that he does not really think about it: When the bell rings, he starts teaching.

“[Overall] lots of schools [start school early] and they’re successful,” Mr. Miller said. “It has been successful for PRP.”

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