A fresh start: Advice for freshman

written by Madison Campbell and Joseph Horton

from Madison

Walking into your first day of High school can stir up a variety of mixed emotions: excited, scared, anxious, nauseous… I think you get the point. Personally my first day was exciting yet somewhat uncomfortable.

It seemed like a lot of kids were familiar with each other from middle school; however, I wasn’t fortunate enough to have many classes with people I knew, so I had to start fresh.

The first friend I made was in 3rd period during gym class. I walked over to her and asked a question I already knew the answer to: “Hey aren’t you in Geometry with me?” We have been best friends since.

Meeting new people may take a few awkward introductions at first. but later on you will be glad that you put yourself out there. I promise.

I didn’t realize how clueless I was freshman year until now. On my first day, I was told my first period was in the E building. I was freaking out. Luckily, I spotted a senior I met from cheerleading to help me out… otherwise I probably would have walked to the soccer field looking for this “E building”.

The best advice someone could give to you about high school is to get involved as much as possible. That way if you are ever lost like I was, you will have someone to help guide you. Even if sports aren’t your thing, PRP offers plenty of extracurricular activities– you just have to figure out which ones interest you. When I was a freshman, I thought the Black Hole was only for juniors and seniors; when I realized it wasn’t (a whole school year later,) football games became the highlight of my week! I met so many new people and had so much fun.

I suppose none of you “Freshies” are as clueless as I was, but just in case, I wish you the best of luck.

From Joe

Going from being in middle to high school can be scary. You go from a small school to a big school, just like that. Meeting new teachers and other students fit into that. But the thing is what makes the two so different from each other?

Freshmen Adrian Perez and Kayley Colgate say it’s scary going from middle to high school, which is true for most freshman, trust me. When I was a freshman, I was nervous and ready to enter high school.

“We are more independent,” Colgate said.

Picture this: You’re a senior and see the freshman getting lost or scared. Everybody was probably once scared of entering high school because of what they heard about upperclassman picking on the new students,or because they’re afraid of growing up and leaving home in a few years.

“It’s scary going from middle to high school,” Colgate said.

Yes, it can be scary, but from my experience being a freshman three years ago, it isn’t what it’s like in movies about being the new kid in high school.

“More freedom,” Perez said.

The teachers count on you to make the right choices more than they did in middle school. You are also more independent than you probably were in middle school. Make the right choices and you’ll accomplish a lot in high school.

Teachers will treat you like young adults. Don’t be scared or nervous being the new kid: Every single one of these upperclassman was a freshman once.


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