Softball team raises money for Special Olympics at UPS Plane Pull

written by Casey Kirchner
photos courtesy of Angie Logsdon


The PRP Softball team paired up with UPS this past Saturday at Louisville International Airport for the 2016 Plane Pull to raise money for Special Olympics Kentucky.

There were teams of 20 people competing to see who could pull a cargo plane the quickest. Last year this event raised a total of $165,000 dollars for Special Olympics Kentucky.

“We raised $2,396.50 this year. Over $1,000 will go to the PRP Special Olympics Team,” Softball Coach Megan Miller said.

Special Olympics Kentucky is an organization that allows disabled children and adults to be able to learn and compete in athletics and sports. The Special Olympics is a worldwide organization that has helped over a million people.

“There were three divisions. Women’s, Men’s, and Co-Ed. We won the Women’s Division. We pulled in 11.28 seconds to win,” Miller said.

The PRP Special Olympics Team helps students with disabilities. They get to work with peers and participate in dance and other activities at school.

“Softball did a great job. I hope to make this a tradition. You can still donate to PRP’s Special Olympics Team on our website,” Miller said.

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