Spotlight: Dr. Rasheeno Griffith

written by Kaitlyn Sutton
Rasheeno Griffith
Dr. Griffith is the Mental Health Counselor at PRP. Photo by Amber Hayes.



Before 2014, the title Mental Health Counselor was foreign to those in the JCPS community. This year at Pleasure Ridge Park High School, Dr. Rahsheeno Griffith has taken on that role.

As Mental Health Counselor, Dr. Griffith provides mental health/healing services for youth with behavioral and emotional issues that keep them from functioning in an academic setting. He describes his job as more clinical and therapeutic, whereas the Guidance Counselors are dealing with classes, scheduling, etc.

Dr. Griffith was raised in Louisville and attended Male High School. He graduated from Campbellsville University, Boyce College, The University of Louisiana at Monroe, and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“Once I graduated, I had three goals,” said Griffith. “First, I wanted to practice within my field and that’s what brought me here. Second, I wanted to teach on a college level. And third, I wanted to practice within my field.”

Dr. Griffith said he didn’t have this job in mind. It just kind of developed.

When not working at PRP, Dr. Griffith serves as a part-time professor at Campbellsville University and a Baptist Minister at St. Stephen Church. He’s also the father to two girls and has been married for 18 years. In the past two years, he’s been employed at both Iroquois and Southern High School.

“I think PRP is wonderful,” Griffith said. “The staff is very warm. I have been welcomed.”


One thought on “Spotlight: Dr. Rasheeno Griffith

  1. I am very excited for Dr. Rahsheeno Griffith’s opportunity at PRP. He has a special gift that touches the lives of so many. He is the most kind, gentle, and loving person that I know. I know that he will continue to be a great asset to PRP.

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