Renovations to come

by Meagan Compton

Bathroom remodels, new stall walls

Renovations are always needed for improvement and keeping up with the times. PRP is getting a whole new look after 58 years of the building. The new changes are a way of making the building more suitable for staff and students.

The changes include a conference room, updated restrooms, and updates to the new gym. The funds for the renovations came from grants, the district, and the school. The biggest renovation for PRP will be a fencing placed around the campus.

“I was skeptical at first about the fence. I didn’t want us to look like a prison. After showing me the pictures I was very pleased,” said Principal Mrs. Salyer.

The fence is a district solution for security since the outside doors of the building cannot be locked at all times. It will be a black iron fencing with nice gates and lighting like you would see at a residence. The exact time of the fencing being put up is still unknown.

The first floor teachers’ lounge was converted into a conference room. This room is exclusive to staff members and teachers for meetings. The next modification taking place is the new gym getting updated with touch ups to the paint, lighting, signs, and banners.

“The modifications should instill more pride in our school. We hope that the renovations will improve the quality of our students’ school life,” said Mrs. Willman.

Another update of the building is the hall bathrooms. Some on the first floor are already finished. Taller stalls are the central part of the modification but there will also be new sinks. The floors will be re-grouted as well. These small modifications to the building will continue a little each year to keep the school up to date.


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