Crisis across the county

by Ethan Hayse

This 2015-2016 school year has been smacked with all sorts of school threats and the precautions and security measures taken have reached levels that have never been reached before. Paranoia plagues the hallways in schools all across the county. We must ask: What the in the world is going on?

On January 5, JCPS schools were targeted with a vague, anonymous threat towards the school system. This specifically affected PRP in many ways, including our homecoming dance, pep rally, and attendance levels.

This threat was released by the police to the JCPS Board early Friday morning, giving JCPS Chief Operations Officer Michael Raisor ample time to decide what precautions to take.

“Everything was on the table,” said Raisor (Courier Journal). Though the option of cancelling school for all of JCPS was presented, after speaking to the Louisville Police Department, Raisor decided that heightened security across the district was the best move.

This event is similar to one that occurred in October, when a 15 year old student from Western High was found to have called in threats to the school board. The consistency between these two, along with the several others that have been reported in the past, is that no one was harmed.

One effect of these threats that the district is not able to control is the attendance level. The fear incited from these threats causes major lapses in attendance. The attendance percentage at PRP was at 34% that Friday with the lowest percentage being 25% at Slaughter Elementary.

“I wish I could quantify the loss of learning,” said Superintendent Donna Hargens during a news briefing Friday morning (Courier Journal).

Though we have our own record of hoaxes in the form of these threats, Louisville does not stand alone. A month prior to the threats received by JCPS, the Los Angeles Board of Education received an E-mail threat prompting them to cancel class for all of the 900 schools that they hold.

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