Finding the perfect prom dress

by Julia McCubbins

Prom and Ring Dance are a huge topic of conversation right now. Everyone begins to stress about the list of things they need to do in such little time. One of the main keys to going to a formal event like this is to wear the perfect dress. So to help ease the stress, here are some tips to find the right dress.

1.Think about what colors look best on you. Pay attention to your

skin tone and dress accordingly.

2.The more jewels, the heavier the dress. You will get hot, and moving around in a heavy dress will get very irritating.

3.Try on dresses outside of your comfort zone. Some dresses look better on than they do on the rack.

4.Pick your size based on your figure now, not what size you want to be.

5.Don’t settle with a dress unless you’re in love with it. If you don’t love it at the store, you won’t love it when you get home.

6.Don’t be afraid to get it altered.

7.Don’t order online. You may not like it when you get it.

8.When shopping, don’t go too early or too late. Choose your timing wisely.

9.Mermaid dresses are beautiful, but harder to dance in.

10.If you plan on wearing a long dress, make sure your dress is long enough to cover your heels.

Don’t stress yourself out, have fun! The perfect dress is out there!


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