PRP band visits Morehead

by Alexus Smith

Valentine’s Day has passed, but PRP band students are still in love with their music. Morehead State University held its 57th annual Concert Band Clinic February 11-13. PRP had four students who auditioned and were accepted to the clinic.

9th-12th graders from seven states and 120 schools auditioned to learn from some of the best directors and composers. PRP is one of the schools where students audition every year. Band directors from states such as Kentucky and Ohio help prepare their students for this event.

“The Morehead Band Clinic helps advance students as musicians. It’s always good for students to come back and share their knowledge,” said Band Director Ms. Burnell.

To audition, students played major scales and two short passages of music. Students sent them in and waited for their acceptance news.

“The audition was on a recording, which is better for someone who’s a perfectionist like myself. I was able to give them my best sound,” said Sophomore Janie Burch.

These four students spent 3 days learning from composers who worked with artists such as Jay-Z and Carrie Underwood. Students spent hours together practicing the pieces they’ll perform to family and friends. Every night, one of Morehead’s bands would perform and give tips to the young musicians.

Morehead changes the clinic’s main director and some staff every year. This year’s main conductor was John Ginocchio, Southwest Minnesota State University Director of Bands. By doing this, it gives students a new musical perspective on the clinic.

“It made me really get into music and meet other teens like me. I learned how to be myself through the music and just have fun playing,” said Senior Jasmine Jackson.


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