Seven period day: after the first semester

by Meagan Compton

With one semester down, students and teachers alike are beginning to get used to the 7-period schedule, and they see the pros and cons of the new schedule versus the old.

The biggest adjustment for students and staff has been the shorter time for each class. Now teachers have less planning time to plan for more classes. Teachers are using every minute of their planning periods and using their free time during class to organize their lesson plans. For some teachers, staying after school longer helps them manage their work.

“I’ve adjusted to the schedule by being mindful of my free time and making sure I have all the time I need for planning,” said Mrs. Danzinger, Digital Literacy and Business teacher.

Students are more overwhelmed with work since they now have more classes. Some manage by spacing out their homework and being more proactive with assignments.

“The seven periods definitely gives us students a lot more homework, and we really have to keep up with it in order to not get behind,” said Sophomore Karen Fernandez.

For some staff members, the new schedule isn’t a big change. This is because their job isn’t really affected by it. There is no need for adjustment in their opinion.

“The schedule doesn’t make a difference. My job is still the same and it doesn’t affect me personally,” said security guard, Mr.Kihnley.

Before approving a 7-period schedule, a scheduling committee met for several months. The committee was open to anyone that wanted an input and other schools were contacted.

bell schedule 2015-2016
7 period bell schedule

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