Making homeruns in the classroom

Coach Hawks

Coach Richie Hawks has made a home run this year by earning the 2016 Teaching of Excellence Award.

“The award caught me completely off guard. I am really honored and humbled to receive this award,” said Hawks.

The Norton Healthcare Teaching of Excellence Award is from the PRP Alumni Association. This award is presented to a PRP teacher who affects students’ lives for the better. Hawks is also being inducted into the PRP Hall of Fame, which is for PRP alumni who are contributing to PRP. The recipient is nominated by teachers.

“The award could not have gone to a more worthy person. Coach Hawks is a perfect example of a role model in and outside of the classroom for the students in our school. The contributions of his presence at PRP will long succeed his tenure,” said Health and Physical Education teacher, Coach Blaszczyk.

At an early age, Hawks knew he wanted to help kids become determined adults. His 23-year teaching and coaching experiences have molded him into the teacher he is today. He became a teacher at PRP in 2004.  This award just helps prove what many students already knew.

“Coach Hawks explains things well and gives great advice to his students. He actually cares about his students and pushes them to be successful,” said sophomore Lasharia Young.

Hawks is one of the freshmen Health and Physical Education teachers. He also coaches the baseball and chess teams at PRP. His love for sports led fuel his passion for coaching. He started coaching at PRP in 1992. Teaching and coaching have helped him have a closer connection to his students.

“I am really proud to be a panther. It’s nice to come to PRP every day, because most days, it doesn’t feel like work. I really love my job,” said Hawks.

The award will be presented at the PRP Alumni Dinner at the Marriot East on February 20.

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