Students and teachers adjust to new schedule

written by Meagan Compton

bell schedule 2015-2016
seven period schedule

Back to school time is always a new chapter in high school. Students walk in on the first day expecting new experiences and new classes. This year brought about two changes that affect students and teachers alike. PRP has taken on a seven period day and started offering free lunches.

Seven Period Day

Last year, PRP had a five period schedule and most students had to pay for their lunch. The administrators wanted a new schedule to better serve the students. Many Magnet Program students had difficulties taking all the classes that they wanted since their day was full of taking their magnet classes.

“We were hoping that the shorter time in class would allow for students to maintain attention and be more productive,” said Sophomore Counselor Mrs. Wilson.

A scheduling committee was organized that worked on finding a different schedule for several months. The committee was open to any teacher that wanted to weigh in, and other schools were also contacted for input on the topic. A final decision was made to have forty-five minute classes. Teachers and students have said that now the school day is very fast paced, which some enjoy while others would rather have more down time.

“The new schedule brings on a challenge for the teachers to plan in a shorter period of time for even more classes,” said AP World History teacher, Mrs. Vines.

Free Lunches

The other change that was added this year to PRP was free lunches. A federal program granted the lunches to the school. Students in the school system can now go through the line with their lunch number and receive one lunch for free. This means that students and their families can save their money. Students can also get breakfast meals and after-school meals for free. Many students really enjoy the free meals since they are convenient and give them less to worry about during the school day.

“Last year, I rarely went through the cafeteria line for lunch, but now I go through the line more frequently because they are free. It’s also great that we can get free after-school meals before our extra-curricular activities,” said Sophomore Katharine Barnett.

The start of this school year has brought on many changes for students and teachers. The seven period day and free lunches are going to be around all of this school year and will most likely continue on next year.

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