New year, new class

written by Breanna Seabolt

Meredith Ailiff on one of the new keyboards
Learning the piano can be a difficult task. The time, money, and equipment that it requires may be slightly overwhelming. Well, no need to worry. This 2015-16 school year Mr. Jennings is teaching a piano class at PRP in the choir room.

“I raised $3,000 through and the other $3,000 worth of equipment was purchased by my direct music specialist Michelle Lewis,” said Mr. Jennings about the 21 66-key pianos our school was able to purchase.

21 pianos allows each student to have their own in class. Every student in PRP’s new piano class signed up for it and was then selected by Mr. Jennings. The majority of the students selected have a background in music. However, beginners are welcome too.

“We learn classical music on the piano, which I like because I’ve already been playing classical” says Junior Noah Bruce about what type of music Mr. Jennings teaches.

Students learn the piano by working through classical literature workbooks. By using these books, students will be able to build the techniques they need to play the piano.

“Hopefully one day I’ll be as good as Mr. Jennings” says Senior Emilee Beecham.

Piano class is taught 1st and 6th period. Each year a new batch of students is able to take the class. Talk to Mr. Jennings if you are interested. It is never too late to start.

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