Student Spotlight

De’Sean Ta`Jae’: Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man

Written by Brooke Wright

PRP Visual Arts student and Senior De’Sean Ta`Jae’ won first place in the Derby Festival Art Contest in the High School Division. He also won the Gold Key in scholastics for a vest he made out of old pants, and last year he won the Gold Key for a jacket he made out of curtains.

At just eight years old, he learned how to sew by hand. “I was inspired by the thought of making something from scraps,” said De’Sean. When he couldn’t find clothes in his size, De’ Sean began using his mom’s old jeans, turning them into jackets and vests. He has been making his own clothes for the last three years. Now, instead of throwing out worn or shrunken clothes, he repurposes them.

De’Shawn found an opportunity to use his sewing skills when the Cinderella musical rolled around this spring.  “It was such a rush. I made 40 costumes in about three weeks, so I enjoyed it a lot,” De’Sean said.  Having talent for both visual art and fashion, his choices for a career have broadened as a result of this experience. “I want to go into fashion. But I also want to do something in visual art. I want to be a freelance artist where I do things for commission. I think I want to do that more because I like to be my own boss,” said De’Sean.

De’Sean isn’t the only student who has had success in PRP’s visual art program. Mrs. Wilhoit’s art students have won the top Visual Art awards in the PTA Reflections program, which means they will go on to the state competition. They have also won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the Kentucky Youth Film Festival Poster contest.

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